The Last Contest Review: A Man Bag, The Hermes Steve Replica Purse Review!

Hermes Steve Replica Purse

This is the end! It’s been a wonderful ride and I hope we will have the chance to make more contests like this one. Our last Hermes replica purse review is for a man bag, the Hermes Steve messenger bag. This handbag was bought from PV by a dear friend of mine. More details below.

“My dear jessica,
I’m probably the only man participating to this kind of contest. Nevertheless, I really hope to win the prize, I always wanted a Hermes Birkin bag. But even if I don’t win, I will follow your advice and buy myself a beautiful bag from

Now back to my Hermes replica purse. I bought this Hermes Steve bag from PV a few months ago. I have to say that it’s wonderful and I get a lot of compliments; of course nobody knows that it’s a replica bag. Ordering from PV is a pleasant experience, especially if you’re choosing Western Union, aka the big discount. The shipping didn’t take so long; I received my bag in 7 days. Here are some photos and my comments.

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Front

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Front Preview

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Zoom

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Side

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Strap

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Belt Buckle

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Closeup

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Inside Overview

Hermes Steve Replica Purse Inside

The leather is wonderful and I like that the bag doesn’t sag. I used my phone to take these photos but in case you’re wondering, the color of the bag is tan, not orange or brown. The hardware is also nice and it hasn’t faded or chipped so far. These are the only details I could think off, this is my first review. But let me know if you or our readers have questions about my bag.

Thanks for this wonderful contest! I’ll ask all my friends to vote for me!

Thanks for the review and congrats for the bag! It’s lovely! Good luck! :)

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Third Contest Review: Another Replica Hermes Wallet, This Time Is The Dogon Wallet!

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica

This is one of the most detailed replica Hermes wallets reviews I received in a long while. Honestly, there’s nothing left for me too add. All I can say to my dear friend is thank you for taking the time to write such an informative and useful review! I hope you like it too girls!

“Hi emma,

Here is my detailed review of my new Hermes Dogon Wallet from This will be an honest and unbiased review, as this is my first replica item. I actually asked for your opinion before I ordered it and I was really impressed and happy. My review focuses on the website, ordering, shipping, product and customer service.

I accidentally ran into your blog and got addicted reading of how interesting replica purses are. I myself have an authentic collection of Louis Vuitton products, so this as a first time replica buyer I was very skeptical. I really love the Dogon wallet as my friend has one, so my mind was really set for it. I asked your suggestion between the orange and black Dogon and the orange Dogon, and we both agreed that the orange one looks legit.

WEBSITE ‘s website is very straight forward. The products are categorized and with detailed descriptions. Since it is a replica site some items won’t have the same name and product description as the real Hermes website. You can create an account were you can save your wishlists, track your orders, history of transactions and sign up to all their newsletters. They have also an online live chat support where you can contact customer service real time and ask questions. Shipping is free. After your first purchase, you get 10% off your second transaction. On your third order you will have 15% discount.

At first I ordered the bicolor Camel/Orange Dogon, ordering is plain and simple. Payment is either by Western Union, which you get an additional 10% off from your purchase or through Visa/MasterCard. I had a little problem paying with Visa as it sends my screen to an error page in my computer. So I tried using my ipad to complete my order, it sent me to a blank page. Scared that I might have been charged multiple times I called my bank and no, I wasn’t charged.

I immediately received an email regarding my order and informing me to wait 2-3 business days to have it processed and shipped, I even got an SMS to my cell phone about my order. The next day I was informed that my Camel/Orange Dogon wasn’t available and I was given other options, so I chose the Orange one. I was impressed of how fast and honest they were about stocks and they will really contact you.

Shipping is FREE! In their website they also have a page on how long it will take to have your items shipped. From China to Canada is 7-10 Days. The item was shipped on Feb. 27, 2014 and got it Mar. 05, 2014. 6 DAYS!!! It was fast! I was able to check my package online too via EMS tracking and Canadapost online :D

Now for the most important part.
Upon opening the package there wasn’t a gift ribbon wrap. The box is made of cardboard whereas the real Hermes is somewhat coated, textured but smooth and shiny. You can see a tinge of orange in the black lines, it was printed on top. The logo is can pass from a distance but in closer look, you will see the difference in minor details like the carriage and man. The wallet was inside a dust bag, made of polyester and not cotton so it was a little stiff and Hermes wallets don’t come in dust bags. The logo on the dust bag lacks details. I wasn’t that impressed with the box but what really matters is the product.
I was scared to open the dust bag but when I did, IT BLEW MY MIND! I’M IN LOVE!!! First look it was amazing, the color is same as ICONIC ORANGE, the one’s I’ve seen in the store. The leather feels really soft and of good quality. The smell! Call me crazy but I love the smell, ohhhh that smell of real leather, it wasn’t strong like plastic or chemically treated, it has that distinct leather smell. Stitching, you can tell up close that it’s not handmade but from 2-feet away it looks magnificent. The closure was easy to remove. The hardware is very convincing. The stamp: HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE is of the same color as the hardware, which is right. The font and sizing is passable. There are NO smudging of the orange on the linings, looks perfect. It came with an authenticity card, real ones don’t have. The zipper was good, it smooth and seemed durable. On the real Hermes, the ends on the zipper resembles an “H” same with my replica. The inside of the detachable coin purse has HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE but it has shadowing, it appeared as it was double printed but the good thing is its inside. Date code or blind date stamp, I cannot find anything at all, but another Hermes fact that not all small leather items have date stamps and some are so faint on the leather that you cannot see it, so it’s all good. This is an Orange Dogon Wallet. 12.5cm x 20.1cm I actually measured it and it is almost the same size.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: The customer service is A+. Fast replies. Fast shipping. They even message you when you missed your package delivery and email you once it had been successfully delivered. You can message them anytime with any questions.

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Box

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Box Logo

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Box Corner

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Cover

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Cover Logo

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Overview

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Opened

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Strap

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Logo

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Hole

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Stitches

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Back

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Inside Logo

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Inside

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica back

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Zipper

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Zipper Zoom

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Inside Look

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Inside Logo Zoom

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica Preview

For somebody’s first time to buy a replica online, I would definitely shop again with Hermessale. I love my new wallet, for sure this is a new beginning of a new addiction, LOL. Hope this review helps those who are in doubt of buying from them. I have included pictures with this email pls let us know about your opinion with this Orange Dogon.

Thank you Eva, would love to hear back from you.”

Your wallet is fantastic! Congratulations and good luck!

This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 4:09 pm and is filed under Hermes. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Review: The Contest Winner And Her Beautiful Birkin Replica Purse

20140828165645 20140828165659 2014082816571020140828165356

If you’re a reader of thins blog, you probability know about the big contest we had a month ago. If not, here is a short update: offered a hand-stitched Hermes Birkin replica purse to whoever got the most votes for their Hermes replica handbags or wallet. The winner finally received her purse and this is her review.

“Hi emma,

I am writing to share this beautiful Hand-stitched Black Birkin 35 GHW from Before anything else, I would like to thank your blog, readers and Hermessale for giving me this opportunity to give their product a review.

The bag needed to be hand-stitched, according to the site it takes about 20 business day to have it made. Mine took more than a month together with the shipping but it is worth the wait and I cannot wait to bring it to NYC to compare it side by side with a real one :D

As always Hermessale ships it fast. Inside the EMS shipping box came a Big dust bag for the Birkin, small dustbag for the hardware, and the fabulous Birkin 35.

Honestly I haven’t seen a real birkin so I am not really sure what to expect and inspect so I needed to do a lot of researching hehehe. The bag looks really good. The leather is real clemence, as I run my fingers over the grains of the leather it is very soft, smooth, and supple just like the clemence from the Hermes Store. It has no plasticky feel that we get from synthetic leather. The smell of the leather is just luxurious, sweet and less intense than that of my DOGON replica from Hermessale too. The bag stands nicely, it holds its shape but not as stiff, it is not rigid or tight but as expected with the clemence it slouches when empty. The handles are smooth rounded and even. The handles edges are pointy as the real ones.

The toggle is very smooth, as expected with the real one, it is not rough or grainy, no interruptions at all. Closing the bag seems to be a little problem, the straps are supposed to come on and come off easily. The straps doesn’t get around the toggle as easily, so I prefer using the bag open. The locks and keys have matching numbers which is right. The key is wrapped in leather and not on a key ring, which is another tell tale of not so good replica. The lock is substantially heavy and not light compared to other cheap locks.

The bag has an inner zipper, which I am not really convinced with it. When opening the zipper it is soft but closing it is the problem it gets stuck, probably running candle wax with smoothen it. The “H” at the end of the zipper is there, which is a good sign. The other inner pocket should have been made of suede and not leather.
The stamp matches the hardware color, it is crisp and clear, it is divine. The hand-stitching is very good, you will see that it is not perfect, uneven at some parts but that is how it is supposed to be, although with the black-on-black it is hard to tell. The blind stamps looks good except for the date stamp which is an “O” and a star, meaning that this bag was manufactured on 2011 where it seemed to look less pronounced.

And the bonus? You can ask them for an invoice where you can decide what to put in it like product name and how much it cost you to buy your “BIRKIN” but it needed to be in HK dollars :D












Overall I am very happy with the Birkin. Please let me know of what you think about it. Looking forward for more amazing replicas to share in your blog.


My dear friend, congratulations for the bag! I must say that I’m impressed with this replica purse! does deliver pretty good replica handbags but I’m afraid that their hand-stitched bags are not as good as I thought.

I’ll reveal more details in my next article on how to spot a bad fake Hermes Birkin bag really soon. Meanwhile, what do you girls think about this Hermes Birkin bag? Review: SO Happy With My Replica Hermes So Kelly Bag!

20140828115747The first thing I want to tell you is that the Replica Hermes So Kelly Bag in this review in not mine. I just borrowed the subject of my friend’s email; I like it a lot! And since I haven’t received so many great replica Hermes handbag reviews lately, I was more than happy to show you this great piece. Review

To be honest, this is actually the first Hermes So Kelly replica review on this site and that’s because it’s really hard to find a good model like this. Luckily, my friend decided to buy a replica Hermes So Kelly from Ebbaag and she loves it – for a good reason!

Even though my friend’s review is short, the photos tell the entire story! Without further introduction, this is what she said:

“Hello emma,

I hope this email finds you well I wanted to share with you my buying experience with Let me first start off by saying when you’re dealing with Ebbaag, the buying process couldn’t be more smooth and conducive so leave all apprehensions at the door. I went for the Hermes SO Kelly bag I’ve seen a couple of them before (authentic) and knew exactly what to look for when trying to spot flaws. I did a lot of research and I must say that Ebbaag got it RIGHT!

Replica Hermes So Kelly Front View And Handle Replica Hermes So Kelly Front View And HandleReplica Hermes So Kelly Front View Replica Hermes So Kelly Front ViewReplica Hermes So Kelly Back View Replica Hermes So Kelly Back ViewReplica Hermes So Kelly Lock Replica Hermes So Kelly LockReplica Hermes So Kelly Serial Code Replica Hermes So Kelly Serial CodeReplica Hermes So Kelly Stamp Replica Hermes So Kelly StampReplica Hermes So Kelly Inside View Replica Hermes So Kelly Inside View

I can’t thank you enough emma”

I’m happy I can help! And I hope that not only this Hermes review but all others, can help you make the right decision and buy the best replica Hermes bags.

I love this replica Hermes So Kelly handbag, it’s really lovely! And like I always say, if you’re not sure about a color, the best option is to go for something simple, classic. All the details and the engravings of this purse are great and you can clearly see that it’s made of quality leather. As for the site, you already know that is one of my favorite sites! Indeed, this is a match made in heaven!

What do you think, girls? Can this Hermes So Kelly be your everyday bag?

How to Spot Fake Hermes Togo Birkin

There is no doubt about the fact that the Birkin bag is one of the most expensive purses on the globe. It is the crème de la crème of all bags. All fashion conscious women would do about anything to be the proud owners of such a beautiful and luxurious handbag, but just a few are so lucky as to enjoy having a Birkin in their wardrobe.

At the moment there are so many Hermes Birkin bags out there that you simply cannot comprehend how such an elitist accessory can be at the reach of so many women. The truth is that it isn’t. More than half of them are fakes, but how can we tell the difference between an original Hermes and a replica? Well, there are a few things that make it obvious which bag is authentic and which one isn’t. You do not have to be an expert to identify these differences. You simply need to be informed so keep reading and soon you too will be able to spot a fake Hermes Togo Birkin 30.


The price is the first clue. A Birkin literally costs a fortune. It is an exclusivist bag and it is not the kind of product that a regular person could ever afford. Do not trust offers that seem too good to be true. Such a thing does not exist in the Hermes world. Believe it or not, used Birkin purses cost as much as the new ones and this is because these bags are exclusive products, handmade and not anyone has the privilege to find one available.

An original Birking Togo 30 will be manufactured from the finest leather and this will also influence the whole appearance and feel of the bag. To begin with, this specific leather is both smooth and firm, and it should have large grains-like texture. On a replica the leather or leather wannabe is not as smooth and firm, and the texture resembles to very small grains. Even the smell of the superior quality leather used on a real Birkin is particularly refined. A replica bag smells dreadful due to the chemicals used to process, smoothen and polish the leather. Lastly, the quality of the leather also influences the shape of the bag and of the handles. The high quality leather used on the original Birkin makes the bag stand firm and pronounced. The purse does not slouch or bulge at all regardless of its position.


A Hermes Birkin is a very detailed bag and every small aspect of its design makes it unique. The stitching is no exception. On a Birkin the stitches will always be neat and tight. You will never find any loose threads. And do not forget that all Birkin bags are handmade and not produced by machines. Because of this important fact the stitching is saddle stitching which means that the stitches cross back and forth.

All Hermes Birkin Togo 30 have a stamp on their belt-like part and this stamp indicates two things: the age and this is marked by a letter in a square and the artisan’s ID formed by a series of digits and letters. These stamps should be neat and hard. Their legibility is perfect. On a replica these are not clearly stamped on the leather and the letters and numbers tend to be faint and weak. You can barely read them.


The Hermes Logo is always positioned on the front part of a Birkin and it is written in a neat and clear font. This logo will always say “Hermes Paris” on the first row and “Made in France” on the second one. On an original bag this text must be clear and highly legible. It will never be irregular, smudged nor be influenced by the texture of the leather.

The engraving on the hardware such as on the padlock and pull piece of the zipper, will always be thin and clear. Usually, fake Birkins tend to have a thicker and deeper type of engraving. Also, while studying the hardware take a very good look at the quality of the metal used and at the craftsmanship and polishing. Original Hermes bags use exceptional and very refined metals. These are carefully manufactured by specialized artisans and are flawlessly polished. Needless to say, the hardware on an authentic Birking Togo 30 will always look perfect.


All Hermes bags come with a dust bag. This means that there should always be a dust bag with a new Hermes Birkin Togo 30. Do not believe and accept anything different. Hermes pays very much attention to the dust bag as well. It needs to be made from a very good quality material and must have a high, neat and even number of stitches. It is available in light beige or in orange color and has a dark brown Hermes logo on it. Most replica dust bags come in a grey color and are stamped with a burgundy color Hermes logo. Additionally, the drawstring needs to be brown and made out of 100% cotton.

So before buying a Hermes Togo Birking 30 stop for a moment and analyze all these very important details. Make a short and quick comparison and see if the bag checks out as an original Hermes or not. Be a smart shopper and make sure that you purchase a beautiful Birkin bag that will compliment your outfits and make you look sensational each time you go out.

Hermes Steve Besace

The Hermes Steve Besace bag is destined to be worn only by men that live in the world of luxury and money, a world where style and refinement is a must, where $9000 spent on a purse is an insignificant amount of money. why not buy the replica These masters of the universe dress in wool crepe suits, travel only on private jets and wear the ultimate messenger bag: Hermes Steve Besace. This extremely expensive and luxurious purse is nowadays the most iconic bag designed for males and it expresses style, power and fame.

Still, what are the core key characteristics of a Hermes Steve Besace bag? Firstly, as all modern men’s purses, it is a messenger bag. This basically means that it is a shoulder bag with a very long strap that goes across the body hanging on the lower back. It is manufactured from bull calfskin leather and is nicely styled-up by the addition of silver color hardware. Of course, for enhanced comfort and versatility, the shoulder strap is adjustable. Another important detail is the use of numerous pockets both at the inside and outside. By all means, it is an extraordinary fashionable bag!at just sale $690!amazing?waht you see what you get!


The original Hermes Steve Besace comes in three sizes: the smaller size version is 28 centimeters and it is also called the Steve “Caporal”, the medium size is 35 centimeters and it is the most preferred one and the large size is 38 centimeters, this is suitable for men that are very tall. This Hermes replica purse is the medium size one and it measures 35 centimeters just like the authentic medium version.


The leather used on this Steve Besace replica model is incredibly sturdy and firm, but has a resolutely smooth outside that feels great when you touch it. Clearly, this imitation Hermes bag is made from very good quality leather, a supple one that clones perfectly the authentic purse. Also, the outside fabric is texturized; it has a texture that resembles a lot to little pebbles. On the inside it has a leather lining, same color and same basic leather, but with a different texture, a plain one with barely noticeable lines. What I noticed, but only after ordering the replica is that this type of brown color doesn’t correspond to the original shades of brown used by the original Hermes company. The authentic Steve Besace bag doesn’t come in this shade of brown. I must confess that it was a real disappointment.


The craftsmanship of the replica Steve Besace bag is flawless. The leather is perfectly sewn together with white threads and is nicely cut and finished on the edges. Also, it does not have any smudges, stains or discolorations. As already mentioned, the stitching is very well done. The white stitches are evenly spaced apart and do not seem to have any imperfections.

At the interior, we find three compartments and a zipper pocket. Exactly as the original Hermes Steve Besace bag has. It is a versatile bag that adapts without problems to your everyday necessities.


Under the flap cover of the bag- the one that has the two leather belts that close over it- there is the “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” logo written on three different rows with the accent on the second “E”. This marking on the original Steve Besace bag is colored in gold, but on my Hermes replica is silver color. Luckily, it is not very visible as the flap cover is always over this writing.


The hardware is another minus of my Hermes Steve Besace replica. The authentic model is made from silver and palladium plated metal while my imitation Steve Besace is crafted from stainless steel. This translates as a less shiny silver color hardware that does not look at all authentic or refined. Additionally, on the clasps you can see small scratch marks. This ruins the overall look of the bag.


The shoulder leather belt is very comfortable. It feels naturally and light weighted once worn across the body. Also, it can be adjusted very easily as to be shorter or longer depending on how tall you are.

The Hermes Steve Besace bag with its ultra-simple shape and design cannot pass without notice. It features a balanced combination of luxurious and casual lines, making it the ultimate men purse. Precisely because it is a frivolous and splendid bag, I had to see if it can be replicated successfully. Overall, this replica is a nice reproduction of the brutally gorgeous Steve Messenger bag. It is made from very good quality leather; it has the exact same size, an excellent craftsmanship and all the correct pockets and markings.

Hermes Birkin Replica

There is no woman on this planet that hasn’t heard of the name Hermes and does not know how a Birkin bag looks like.  Particularly, the Hermes Birkin Togo is considered to be one of the most iconic bags of all time. It is an outrageously stylish bag that is synonymous with luxury and wealth. Its popularity among famous people increases by the day and we always see celebrities wearing one. For all these reasons, the Hermes Birkin Togo is nowadays the most sought after bag.


For today’s review I have selected the most well-known version: the Birkin brown leather and silver hardware version. This gorgeous Hermes bag is one of my favorite handbags in the whole wide world. You can pretty much wear it with about anything and it will always have enough room to carry all your important lady stuff. I am certain that for many of you the Hermes Birkin Togo is your holy grail, the bag that can save any outfit and that can easily make the transition between work and a night out on the town. Its shape is extremely iconic. Any fashion educated woman can spot a Hermes purse from miles away. Its key characteristics are the square shape, discrete double handles, and its belt-like pull closure.

This Hermes Birkin Togo replica is made from very good quality sturdy leather that allows the bag to stand firm on its own. The functionality of the bag is not very good as when you close the bag properly, it takes a great deal of time and effort to open it and close it back again. This is because of the complicated closing system. Still, it is very roomy and it will surely carry many of your most prized belongings. Just like any large size bag.

The handles are made from the same type of brown sturdy high quality leather that allows them to nicely arch in a very discrete long shape. These are quite thin and rounded with a stitching that goes all the way through their length. The stitching reinforces the shape and firmness of the two handles. You will be surprised to see how natural these handles fit on your arm.

At the outside there are no pockets or additional storage features. Instead, it has the double leather pull handles that compress the purse and afterwards is used to close the bag by the help of the clasp. Just like on the original handbag, this Hermes Birkin Togo replica has all these important design particularities and I must say that it replicates them perfectly.

At the interior of this Hermes Birkin replica we find a small pouch pocket. Unfortunately this pocket is very slim and you cannot deposit that much things inside. Also, there are no other features that would enhance its usability or functionality. It’s just a simple large bag. It’s only core keys are the design and brand name.

The way this replica Hermes is crafted and sewn is impeccable. The thing that ruins the craftsmanship is the use of white stitching on the bag whereas the original Hermes has a brown color stitching. Only the color differs. The accuracy and the pattern of the stitching are perfect. The stitches are evenly spaced apart and do not have any imperfections.

On the front top side of the replica bag there is the authenticity marking “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” written on three different rows. The accent is correctly placed on the second “E” from “HERMES”. Also, the whole text is printed and colored in silver color. The letters are highly legible. Another very visible marking is on the end part of the closing belt system. This is engraved with “HERMES PARIS”. The accent is also correctly placed on the second “E”.

The hardware used on this Hermes replica is solid stainless steel. It has a nice and high quality shine that is reminiscent to the beauty of the authentic Hermes purses. What I adore most is the small lock. It is a silvery color accessory that is iconic to these much sought after Hermes Birkin Togo purses.

The Beauty of Replica Hermes Handbags

Miranda Kerr, Hermes bag, Hermes Birkin, Hermes designer bag, replica Hermes handbags replica Hermes bag,

I honestly don’t get jealous of celebrities anymore. No, I am not pulling your chain; I just don’t think its is worth it to be constantly (or at least consistently) comparing myself to someone who has won the genetic lottery. It’s actually pretty freeing to be able to say this and know that it’s true. Celebrities are just beautiful people who are beautiful because they have good genes. That’s it. It doesn’t mean that they are good because they are beautiful and it doesn’t mean that we are bad because we’re not. (For the record, I’m not so bad myself in the looks department!). That being said, I can appreciate beauty, like Miranda Kerr’s beauty, and I really love her sense of style. Check her out (above) carrying a sleek Hermes bag, the Hermes Birkin.

She looks so stunning, and she has been dressing quite chic lately. I admit that I would love to look like her, but I wouldn’t say I am jealous or envious – just impressed! Okay, I AM jealous of that Hermes designer bag, but I’m allowed to want her Hermes handbags, since that is something she didn’t win in her genetic lottery! This post is making less sense as I go along, so I think I’m just going to show off a designer Hermes bag and then be on my way!

Hernes replica handbags are designed to look and feel just like the real thing – at a fraction of the cost! Check out this replica Hermes bag and see for yourself! Replica Hermes handbags are made for us gals who can’t afford luxury items. Who said that you can’t get designer fashion while sticking to a budget!

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Hermes Birkin Bag 30 cm Ostrich Leather Handbag sale 1888

Brand new in box, authentic Hermes 30 cm in the stunning special color ! A Birkin is a dream for all women in the world! This is completely hard to get, and you will so love to carry this among all your arm candies!

  • Brand new with tags, fresh from store in original packaging
  • Size: 30 cm or 35cm
  • Color: what you see just tell us or buy it form
  • Material: Ostrich leather with Palladium hardware
  • Comes from smoke-free and pet-free environment
  • Birkin Ostrich is extremely rare and hard to find handbag. Practically impossible to get.
  • Perfect gift. Collector’s Item!!!
  • This auction comes with:
    – Brand new and authentic Hermes Ostrich Birkin 30 cm, Palladium hardware
    – lock, keys, clochette,
    – special made raincoat for your lovely birkin,
    – the original Hermes dustbags
  • This is exactly the whole set you would get from the Hermes store
  • All the hardware still wrapped in plastic and the original tan clothes is still there to protect the bag

Photo_20140731173140PL2Y Photo_20140731173149F05X Photo_20140731173156RTDM Photo_20140731173158C7SX Photo_20140731173204YTLG Photo_20140731173206V2C3 Photo_20140731173209VXXX Photo_20140731173212QK7W Photo_20140731173214OS87 Photo_20140731173217EY6Y Photo_201407311731373UYW Photo_201407311731444JMU Photo_201407311732017SRM Photo_201407311732192P85