Hermès Mini Convoyeur Wallet

May 18, 2014

hermes_mini-convoyeur-wallet Here’s another quick update regarding the new Mini Convoyeur Wallet from French house Hermès, which I’m sorta also referring to as the house’s answer to Chanel’s WOC. Basically a wallet with a long leather sling that can also be removed, the 15 cm by 11.5 cm leather beauty comes adorned with her own?palladium-plated clasp for that extra luxe finish.

On the inside of this compact wonder you’ll find a gusseted interior that comes filled with multiple card slots as well as a zip purse located in the middle, good for easy organisation. Easy on the eyes, especially in bright hues like Turquoise and Capucine for S/S14 (shown above), this would make a fantastic bag charm as well. In fact, I can already imagine the long sling twirled around a Birkin or a Kelly and looking mighty fine.

Priced at EUR2800 (GBP2650 in the UK), no word yet if it has arrived in Singapore, though I’ve got a feeling this is another one of those pieces that will be snapped up as soon as it comes in. EUR2800, or not.


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Hermès S/S14 Clutches In Swift Calfskin

January 14, 2014

hermes_ss14-clutches-swift-calfskin Not to be confused with the Pliplat that’s really quite similar, these yet-unnamed Swift calfskin?leather clutches from the Spring-Summer 2014 Womens Hermès collection might just have found their way right to my ‘must-buy-bag-list’ of S/S14 yet. Characterised by its simple lines with an arrowhead flap that tucks neatly under the ‘handle’, this is as fuss-free as it gets. And with the plethora of colours it will come in, starting with the four you see above (can anyone name all the new colours?), picking one in your favourite hue won’t be an issue either.

We’ll just have to wait and see how much they will retail for, but seeing how bags and SLGs from?Hermès aren’t really that affordable to begin with, I’m thinking they could cost an arm. With half a leg thrown in. What do you think?


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Bagaholicboy Muses #469 – 11 Christmas Gifts Under SGD100

November 23, 2014

bbm469 Cheap presents. There’s honestly nothing worse than receiving cheap presents come Christmas Day, but sometimes we don’t really have a choice. We could be on a tight budget, or because it’s an office gift exchange thingy, more often than not we just want to get anything and get it over and done with. But because I’m a firm believer that cheap needn’t be bad, here are 11 great X’mas ideas under SGD100?for both men and women that I wouldn’t mind receiving myself, well, all except the nail polish, that is.

So what can you buy for less than SGD100, you ask with much cynicism. Well, SGD49 gets you Louis Vuitton’s latest City Guide that features Singapore, while SGD56 gets you?Chanel’s Rogue Coco Baume which is something I still swear by. You could get a set of 3 wonderfully fragrant hand soaps?packaged in an orange box for less than SGD84 (or you could be really cheap and just get a single bar for SGD28).

Love Monopoly? Then you’ll love this nostalgic set packed in a beautiful wooden box from?Esdevium Games for around SGD85 via Mr Porter. Still not convinced? How about a pair of limited edition nail polishes from Burberry for SGD60? Or a pair of Vans snake-effect slip-ons from Net-A-Porter that are good for both men and women with sizes running up to US10.5? Just SGD100. Ok, so maybe it’s not under but it’s still affordable, no?

In other words, you don’t have any reason to buy anything bad this Christmas, unless of course, that person is your ex. Just remember, there is nothing wrong with cheap gifts, as?long as they come with this lovingly-curated guide from yours truly. #shopnow #thankmelater

Clockwise from top left: Montblanc?Meisterstück 90 Years Stationery Set, GBP28, Brooks England MT10 Compact Multi-Tool, GBP27.50, Louis Vuitton City Guide Singapore, SGD49, Hermès 3-Soap Set, SGD84,?Chanel Rogue Coco Baume (Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm), SGD46,?Burberry Oxblood (No.303) & Gold (No.447),?SGD30 each, Moschino Camera iPhone5 Case, GBP45, Vans Snake-Effect Slip-Ons, GBP50, Santa Maria Novella Face Exfoliating Water, GBP28,?Monopoly Nostalgia Edition Board Game, GBP42,?Roxanne Lowit Photographs Yves Saint Laurent Hardcover, GBP30

Image: Burberry, Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Mr Porter & Net-A-Porter

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Hermès Mini Bracelets

February 5, 2013

hermes_mini-bracelets Officially referred to by the French house as bracelets ‘reinterpreted on a micro scale’, I’m going to bet my Bolide Relax that these will fly out as soon as they hit the stores. Basically shrunken versions of the Kelly Double Tour and the Rivale which are both house icons in their own right, they are no wider than 1 cm across.

And because they are now just single loop bracelets (as opposed to their bigger siblings which can go around your wrist twice), it makes them so much easier to stack, allowing you to create a much denser wrist party if you know what I mean.

Priced from SGD580 and up, expect them to come (and go) very soon.


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Hermès: Bastia, Calvi, Dogon, Envelope & Mini Convoyeur

November 29, 2014

hermes_bastia-dogon-envelope-mini-convoyeur Because there’s more (and I mean much, much more) to the world of?Hermès SLGs besides the Bearn, Kelly and the Silk’In, I thought it would be apt to do a post to highlight a few of my favourites. Besides being a lot more common (and thus easier to find than the 3 I already mentioned), they are also a tad more affordable, even though that’s relative as well since nothing from?Hermès is technically cheap to begin with.

But before I lull you to sleep with any more musings, here are the pieces worth a second look the next time you are at the boutique. From the niffy?Bastia which is great for loose change to the Envelope that’s super when it comes to cards and receipts (it does come in more than 1 size, so ask to see more before you commit), the Calvi?(not featured above) is also great contender if you like your bits and bobs more secure with the help of its snap button closure.

And then there’s the Dogon (still my personal all-time favourite) which comes in a plethora of sizes, from the tiny compact to the largest of the lot that’s more a travel wallet with its own removable zip pouch. Last but by no means least, the newest addition to the family, the Mini Convoyeur that’s more a tiny handbag than wallet, what with its leather sling which would allow you to wear it across the body.

Another reason why we love Hermès SLGs so? All the gorgeous colours they come in, of course, which changes from season to season. From?Aztec Blue and Galician Blue to Fire and Mint Green, there’s never a dull moment as far as these babies are concerned. So, what’s your favourite?


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Hermès Mini Convoyeur Wallet In Evercolor Calfskin

January 16, 2014

hermes_mini-convoyeur-wallet-evercolor-calfskin I know, I know, this is my 3rd Hermès post in a week, but it would be a greater sin if I didn’t share something this beautifully stunning with you all. Also from the S/S14 collection and characterised by its ridged hardware clasp and angled flap, this could also be Hermès’ first wallet that comes with its own sling (do correct me if I’m wrong), pretty much like Chanel’s WOC.

Use it as a sling bag with all your cash and cards tucked safely inside, loop it twice and have it hang just under your shoulder. Or just remove the sling completely and use it as a clutch, or have it just sitting snugly inside your handbag, depending on what you feel like doing on that particular day, especially with it being so multi-functional.

Which brings me to another point that was discussed while in a meeting today. Is it just me or is Hermès embarking on a minimalist exercise with some of their bags and SLGs (check out their new S/S14 leather clutches here), keeping them as pared down and as clean as possible. And whilst I’m pretty sure hardcore H fans won’t bite (they are still obsessed with the Birkins and the Kellys), I would conclude that it’s just the French house’s way of being progressive and trying to reach out to a young yet affluent?demographic. Smart, as compared to the other French brand churning out colourful coated canvas toiletry bags that are being passed off as sling bags. There, I said it.


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